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Chongqing Minfeng chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Chongqing Minfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Minfeng Chemical) is the wholly state-owned subsidiary of Chongqing Chemical and Pharmaceutical Holding (Group) Corporation, the key growth-oriented enterpise of Chongqing,the backbone enterpise supported by the local government for industry revitalizaition,the pilot enterprise of Chongqing for technology innovation. Also it is the backbone inorganic salt enterprise in China and the first chinese company which joined the International Chromium Development Association. By now, the existing total asset of Minfeng Chemical is about 1.2 billion CNY with more than 1,400 employees.
     Minfeng Chemical was established in 1950s, mainly engaged in "MINZHONG" brand chrome chemicals production,adopting the international advanced and matured calcium-free roasting technology to achieve eco-friendly production.Also Minfeng has obtained the ISO90001 Quality System certificate. The annual production capacity is about 100,000 tons, including Sodium Dichromate, Chromic Acid, Chrome Oxide Green, Basic Chrome Sulfate, Sodium Sulfide,Chromium Hydroxide,Vitamin K3 and other products."MINZHONG" brand chromium salt has become China's most famous brand of chromium salts, not only being sold all over the country, but also in over 40 countries and regions in the global market.Minfeng Chemical,the cutting-edge enterprise in the chrome chemical industry in China, has always been in the leading position over the years,ecnomically,technically and eco-friendly.
    Minfeng Chemical has very strong technical force.The company has set up a municipal technology center with strong R & D capability,in cooperation with Chongqing Science & Technology Commission, in research of a series of high value-added chrome salt products and vitamin k3,which is under construction and will soon put into operation. In additon, the company has built a collaborative laboratory under the strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing University, Shanxi Technology University and the Scientific Research Institute of Environment protection of the Logistic Engineering University of PLA, and has set up the internship base for postgraduates from Chongqing University as well.
Minfeng Chemical not only adheres to the people-oriented development strategy, but also has developed effective ways to build the talent team, such as the establishment of the talent pool, the start of staff skill level training and the setup of training fund for high-end talent, appealing to a lot of talented people. Currently, Minfeng Chemical has more than 10 talents with master's degree , 107 persons with Bachelor’s degree ; engineering and technical personnel more than 190 people, including 6 senior engineers, 54 engineers, more than 130 assistant engineers; 88 technicians, including 27 senior technicians.
    Chongqing Minfeng Chemical owns two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Gansu Minfeng Chemical Co.,Ltd.and Chongqing Chrome Chemical Co., Ltd.Following the overall acquisition by Chongqing Minfeng Chemical,the former Gansu Qi Yuan Chemical was changed to Gansu Minfeng Chemical. Gansu Qi Yuan Chemcal,founded in 1984, was one of the Top Ten chrome chemical production enterprises appointed by the former national Ministry of Chemical Industry. The annual production capacity was around 20,000 tons, mainly producing Sodium Dichromate,Chromic Acid, Chrome Oxide Green,Chromium Hydroxide and other products with the brand called "Qi Yuan". The brand was among the famous brands of Gansu province and well-known all over the country and overseas. While Chongqing Chrome Chemical Co., the trading and marketing company, financed and established by Chongqing Minfeng Chemical in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area,mainly responsible for the sales and marketing of the product from Chongqing Minfeng Chemical and Gansu Minfeng Chemical.At the same time,the trading of the raw maerial and other chemical products,as well as import and export are also in the business range of Chongqing Chrome Chimcal.By implementing this structure,Chongqing Minfeng Chemical has achieved the integration of production and market operation,expanded the scale of operation and enhanced the competitiveness in the chromium salt industry in domestic and internatial market.
    Guided by the national strategy of industrial development and technology innovation,Minfeng Chemical is actively building a high-end, high-quality, high-tech industrial structure, accelerating scientific and technological innovation and product upgrade, dedicated to the development of eco-friendly chrome salt production. By the end of the national 12th Five-Year Plan, Minfeng Chemical is aiming at building the oganizational structure of "two production plants, one trading company, a technology center" ,to accomplish the total capacity of 150,000 tons of total chromium salt product, the sales revenue of 3 billion Yua with gross profit of 300 million yuan, to be a resource-saving, eco-friendly and safe-to-work enterprise and to be the world's largest, strongest chromium chemical production base and R&D base.

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