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Chrome Oxide Green for pigment grade

1. Features
Molecular Formula: Cr2O3, molecular weight is 191.99. melting point at 2266±25℃, boiling point at 4000℃. Hexagonal crystal or amorphous olive green powder with a metallic luster and magnetic. Insoluble in water and acid, soluble in hot alkali metal bromic acid solution. Extremely stable in light, atmosphere, high temperature and corrosive gases (SO2, H2S, etc).
2. Uses
Mainly used for the industries of pigment, metallurgy, refractory and ceramics etc.
3. Packing
Packed in kraft-plastic composite bags, Net Weight 25kg/40kg.
4. Cautions
Prevent weathering,should be stored in dry place, avoid big temperature difference, moisture, acid mist and sun.
Once opened, should be fastened well to prevent the water vapor and pollution.
Storage should be kept away from food
5. Standard
Pigment grade: GB/T 20785-2006

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